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    Candidate Forum

    The Florida Citizen's Alliance hosted a candidate forum on June 7th, 2018.  Five of the six candidates participated in the event.  Click the button to hear the candidates speak about the issues affecting St. Lucie County Education.

    The Platform

    Happy School Students

    Changing Course


    I have watched my children’s teachers struggle to find the resources necessary to provide a spectacular education. It isn't just my children who are not receiving the education they deserve but rather everyone’s children are being shorted during the most important and formative years of their lives. 

    After reviewing the budget for the schools, funded with our tax dollars, I have to be honest with you, there is a significant amount of waste embedded in our school system.  Money that could be put to much better use if redirected into the classrooms. 

    I do not want to see one more teacher have to dig into their own pocket to provide supplies for their classroom. 

    Who is Steven Allen

    Steven Allen is a resident of Port St. Lucie. He is married with three school age children. 

    A Magna Cum Laude graduate from Liberty University with a degree in Aeronautics. 

    Steve attended flight school in Fort Pierce, FL at Pan Am International Flight Academy where he received all flight certificates and became a flight instructor himself. 

    He is currently employed as a Captain on the Airbus at Allegiant Air as well as a small business owner here in St. Lucie County.

    Get Involved

    We cannot start changing things unless I get elected. Plain and simple, my opponent has no vested interest in making changes. She has held the seat for eight years and we have nothing to show for it. Her election will mean another four years of the status quo. 

    Certainly, it is time for a change.

    We need to do this together and I need your help.

    Help get out the word, and of course contributions of any amount are most welcome and greatly appreciated.

    League of Women Voters interview

    Here is Steve answering questions from the League of Women Voters.

    1 Week Left!!

    Remember To Vote

    We have come down to it.  There is only one week left to vote for school board.  There will be no general election for School Board.  If you want your voice to be heard with regards to the direction of our schools, you must vote on or before August 28th.  

    Over the course of the last seven months I have talked to thousands of voters in St Lucie County.  The resounding, overwhelming sentiment has been that we need a change.  School taxes are rising while academics remain some of the lowest in the state of Florida.  

    The School Board refuses to build a Vocational-Technical school for the children but continues to move forward building a $27 million office building for themselves.

    Our teachers remain some of the lowest paid teachers on the Treasure Coast while the administrators just gave themselves a 7% pay raise.

    Our SRO program, to keep our children safe, has a budget shortfall and our teachers buy supplies out of their own pockets.

    The citizens of St Lucie County are right - A change IS needed.  We can do better.  We can do better for our children, for our teachers and for the taxpayers of St Lucie County.  Remember to vote.  We cannot continue down this path for another four years.

    Student proficiency level and rank out of 67 counties in fl

    Source: Florida department of education

    School Grades

    Academic Grades For Our Schools Dropping

    In 2010 St. Lucie County Schools were rated very high statewide.  We had 13 schools that were rated as "A" schools and only 8 schools, countywide, were rated as grade "C" or lower.  Over the last 8 years, however, the grades for our schools have dropped dramatically.

    Currently in St. Lucie County we only have 6 schools that are rated as "A" schools and we have 17 schools rated as  grade "C" or lower.  This means that 40% of our schools did not attain "A" or "B" grades.

    If we give our teachers the curriculum and supplies they need and trust them to do the job they were trained to do, I know we can turn these grades around.  Our children deserve the opportunity to attend an "A" school regardless of where they live in the county.

    Thank You

    Petitions Are Completed

    To the 1,944 county residents who signed a petition qualifying me to be on the ballot for the St. Lucie County School Board, District 1, in August, I am humbled and deeply gratified. 

    Speaking with, and listening to, the citizens has made me realize how truly important my platform of reducing wasteful spending, improving school safety and building a comprehensive vocational-technical high school is to St. Lucie County.

    For the last year I have been studying school system models of success and will work hard to implement key practices if elected.

    Thank you, St. Lucie County residents, for your confidence in me.

    st lucie reading proficiency goes down

    From Bad To Worse

    Florida has released the 2018 FSA 3rd grade reading proficiency results for the state.  St. Lucie County, which was already below the state average in 2017, actually got worse in 2018.

    For the 2018 school year only 46% of St. Lucie 3rd grade students were at level 3 or above, a decline from 49% in the 2017 school year.  The state average is 57% - St. Lucie is 11 points below this number.  Martin County (57%), Indian River County (56%) and Okeechobee County (53%) all outperformed St. Lucie County schools.

    Our local economy continues to grow and prosper while our school performance shows a measurable decline.  St. Lucie's reading scores are lumped in with 7 of the poorest and least developed counties in Florida, finishing 60th out of 67 districts in the state.

    It is time for solutions.  K-3 reading skills need to be a priority.  These building block skills set our students up for success or failure later in their academic careers.  I will hold the system accountable for reading proficiency.  My solution would be to implement a strong standards based curriculum in grades K-3 similar to what other successful counties in Florida have developed; and teachers will finally be given adequate resources to get the job done.

    I am disappointed we did not get a press release from the St. Lucie School District on this topic.  News like this tends to get quickly buried  in the school district central office, hidden from public view.

    Standardized Testing

    It Should Be About The Students

    Lately I have been asked about Standardized Testing more and more by the people I approach.  This is obviously a hot topic around St. Lucie County, Florida and even the country as a whole.

    My position is that our time and resources should be spent directly on the students.  Standardized tests are more about evaluating the teacher than about evaluating the student.  Although I believe that we should constantly evaluate ourselves to foster improvement, I believe that testing should be local.

    Local testing allows the teachers to evaluate the students individually and gives them a better picture with which to formulate and tailor a plan to bring the student to standards by the end of the school year.

    The teachers are professionals and have built relationships with the children.  We should let them do what they do best and that is to educate our children.

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