Make a difference in our children's future. Vote for Steve Allen for School Board.

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    Changing Course


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    In St. Lucie County we have an annual school budget of $327 million. A mere five percent is over $16 million. That is a lot of school supplies; more importantly it is funding we can use to hire and retain the best teachers.

    We need to do better for our children, our teachers, and for you, the taxpayer. 

    However, just pointing this out won’t change things. If we really desire to make a meaningful change then we need to change those in charge. In their place put someone willing to use the position to enact meaningful change, put on the School Board someone willing to raise questions and demand answers from School Board employees. Elect someone who will be responsible for the outcomes and accountable to the children, parents and citizens of this great county. Nothing less is acceptable. 

    I am that someone.

    This is not just about copy paper and pencils. This is about providing St Lucie County with a school system to be proud of. It is about providing children with the knowledge and life skills necessary to succeed in life. This is about providing an adequate return on the taxpayer’s investment.  

    Having our schools languish in the bottom third of the state year after year just hoping things get better is no longer acceptable.

    If we want change we must be willing to make a change. That change starts right here and now with you. It starts with you no longer voting for the status quo. It starts with you voting for change. I’m willing to ignite that change. I’m more than willing and able to take on that challenge. 

    I just need your vote to put in motion the change that will benefit every citizen in this county and our children and grandchildren for years to come. 

    Thank you,